All babies and children need boundaries to feel safe and secure. Observing this is one of the key foundations to building a contented family life.

Kate has helped many parents and carers who have had difficulties with their children. For example:

They won’t hold you hand while out shopping
They have frequent temper tantrums
They refuse to listen
They scream if they can’t get their own way

    Children do need to let out this frustration. However, they also need to know when this type of behaviour is acceptable and when it is not.

    Through her Norland training and 25 year experience of being a Nanny, Kate has gained a thorough understanding of how to approach these situations. Kate does not believe in smacking a child, but instead works on a firm but fair approach to discipline and behaviour. In Kate’s mind a calm, low voice with simple words works every time.

    It is common for parents to feel that their child is taking over and are therefore at the end of their tether.

    Children are very clever in how they act in terms of getting the outcome they want. However, Kate believes that a badly behaved child is a child saying to the parent or carer, “take control, be my parent, set my boundaries!”.

    Babies and children need a routine, even if this is followed flexibly. This will vary from age to age and be more comprehensive the younger the child.

    So, routine, a calm approach, understanding and consistency are the key.

    Kate is here to give you and your children support and guidance to resolve any issues that are upsetting the balance of family life.

    Kate has a bag of tools to help solves discipline and behaviour challenges. Advice is just £40/hour, or Kate offers a package, details can be found here. Kate also always offers a FREE initial 15-minute consultation with no obligation. Fill out the online consultation form to take the next step towards working with Kate.

    A word from Kate…

    “It can be surprising how even a baby of 6 weeks old knows what’s going on! Routines are key from the start.”

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