Every child is different; we all know that. This also applies to food and what a child wants to eat or drink. For example, some babies won’t take a bottle, where as some won’t take the breast. 

Kate can advise and help all parents and carers who are having difficulty with their child’s feeding, whether this is with milk feeds or later on with solids. Kate will start by observing the baby or child to gain an understanding of where the issues lie, before offering advice and an action plan to deliver a resolution. 

Also, even if there are no specific problems, some parents or carers struggle with a clear plan of how to approach weaning. 

Are you stuck on how to wean your baby? 

Kate can provide advice and guidance on how to take on the challenge of weaning to ensure it is a smooth and uneventful process, by empowering the parent as well as the child to have a good relationship with food. 

Advice on feeding and weaning is just £25/hour. Kate also always offers a FREE initial 15-minute consultation with no obligation. Fill out the online consultation form to take the next step towards working with Kate.

A word from Kate… 

“The process of weaning is all about positively encouraging your child. If you are having difficulties, don’t despair. I can work with you to empower you and your child through the process.”

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