Kate is here to advise, encourage, empower and reassure parents. Kate promotes the confidence of parents and together you will come to a solution to help solve the challenges you are facing.

Through meetings with parents, Kate will build communication channels with you to ensure she is there for you, if required, as a constant source of support, while looking at some of the following for example:

Newborn routines
Breast feeding support
Adjusting to life with a child
How to care for a baby
How to develop your child

When Kate is working with a family she looks at the family as a whole, and not just a stand-alone individual or situation, working with everyone to install the boundaries and balance that family life requires.

Parent coaching sessions

Kate offers parent-coaching sessions both in groups or with just a single family unit. The sessions provide guidance, tips and advice to give parents the stepping-stones towards dealing effectively with any issues that may face a family.

A word from Kate…

“We live in a society today where quite rightly we wrap our children in cotton wool and want to protect them from the world. However, we must remember that in terms of everyday discipline and routine it is actually ok to say “no” and to set boundaries, even if this is not well received. Consistency in parenting will give you a more balanced and pleasurable family life and I thoroughly enjoy working with families to achieve this.”

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