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Laura - October 2020

"I don't know how Kate did it but she did!"

Also, please watch the videos below to hear from some more of the families that Kate has worked with and the difference to their lives she has made.


"I now have a 4 year old and a 16 month old that sleep through the night!"


"It took me to a while to contact Kate initially becasue I thought I shouldn't need help, coming from a family of 6. But, it was the best thing I ever did!"


"When I adopted my son Kate helped me get my child to sleep through the night so I could go back to work. It was like a miracle really!"


"She has been absolutley brilliant! Kate stayed over and helped us in our home- within 3 days our son was sleeping perfectly. She was a complete god-send!"


"My little boy only ever used to nap on me. Since working with Kate he now sleeps all night, the difference is dramatic!"


"We were feeling drained, it used to take us up to 2 hours to get our daughter to sleep!  "

And here's what some of Kate's more camera shy clients had to say...

If you are looking for a personalised approach, with someone who genuinely cares for you as parents and your child then Nanny Kate is your person! After 14 months of trying every single gentle sleep approach we could find our daughters sleep remained stubbornly the same. My daughter and I bed shared with her waking every hour or every other hour for comfort, with my husband relegated to the spare room. The arrangement was not sustainable for us or our daughter (who was equally knackered), and after lots of soul searching I reached out to Nanny Kate. From the initial conversation I knew I had found the right person to help us with our daughters sleep. Nanny Kate was with us every step of the way, albeit virtually due to lockdown, but this did not impede her or our ability to implement her advice. Our daughter now sleeps in her own room, we have our evenings back and she even sleeps through on most nights (some nights she needs our support, but she is still a small person at 16 months). If you are looking for personalised help with night time sleep for your child I could not recommend Nanny Kate more highly.

Bethany Stoker, May 2021

We contacted Kate after months and months of dealing with sleep issues with our 11 month old. He would wake every few hours and struggled to settle in the evenings. His day time routine was all over the place too. We tried everything ourselves but nothing worked, yet we kept putting off asking for help. We were exhausted as a family. 
Kate is such a lovely, warm person who obviously loves and really understands children so we instantly felt at ease. She spent time getting to know us as a family and how we were all feeling. She understood my anxiety and was really sensitive to it. She’s obviously a very nurturing person and we all felt very well-looked after and safe in her hands. 
She gave us a day routine and advice on feeding and meals and our son took to it immediately.
Within 3 days, with her night time advice and support, he was sleeping through from 6.30pm to 6.30am! We were amazed at how well and quickly he adapted. We actually had a full night’s sleep for the first time in 11 months! 
We feel more confident and happy as a family and our son is thriving with lots of great quality sleep under his belt and a good, solid routine in place. 
Kate was always on hand to offer on the spot advice if we had a query and to offer crucial emotional support to keep us focussed. 
It’s the best money we have ever spent and we’ll be back in touch without hesitation should we need any kind of other support with either of our children in the future. Thank you Kate! 

Jo, September 2020 

“Everything is so much better in our family. Our daughter’s behaviour has improved without the continuous negotiations, she’s more chatty, more independent, eager to please, a better listener and Mummy and Daddy have a longer fuse and are less frazzled. It was all down to Nanny Kate’s vast experience in sleep and behavioural training. Kate spent an evening with us meticulously going through our routine, tweaking it for the better and offering lots of useful advice and recommendations. Kate offers a week ongoing support after which I found invaluable. I couldn’t recommend Nanny Kate enough. Very effective and worth the investment”

Happy client, January 2019

 ‘If you’re having any doubts at all about contacting Kate, then my advice is to go ahead and do it NOW, you won’t regret it! We did, and Kate joined our family in December of last year and we can honestly say, we have never looked back. Our daughter, was two and a half and had never slept through the night. Due to a significant bereavement, when she was only nine months, we’d picked up the habit of allowing her into our bed every night, for my comfort as much as hers. After years of disrupted sleep, we had hit rock bottom.

We decided to ask Kate for help, she warned us that it would take commitment and hard work but after just a few weeks, we finally had a toddler that sleeps an amazing 7-7, we never thought that day would come! We really can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for us and would highly recommend her to anyone needing help!’

Beverley, January 2019


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