Thursday, October 24, 2019

Supermarket Tantrums: been there, done that?

We’ve all been there. Your beautiful well behaved child is immaculately dressed, has slept well that day, and eaten every healthy thing you have put in front of them. You feel like a top adult!

You enter the supermarket for some last minute food shopping, thinking the day is running swimmingly and what happens next? The dreaded temper tantrum!

You wish the earth would swallow you up.

Do not fret, this is all normal and there is generally always a solution, or at least a strategy available to you to help deal with these situations. 

Children are constantly developing and learning how to deal with their emotions.

Maybe they’ve had too much screen time, or maybe they need some additional boundaries.

These are all things that I work with families on to improve the overall behaviour of a child and therefore the happiness of the entire family.

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