A huge amount of parents contact me when their child has repeatedly woken up or has difficulty settling themselves to sleep. The parents are exhausted as are the children, whose behavior is consequently suffering.

Parents can be completely unsure of how to move forward and change sleep patterns for the better. 

A child may have previously been a good sleeper but bad habits may have surfaced which can be hard to break, causing parent to question what went wrong.

The reality is that even when a child has been a ‘good sleeper’, things can happen which has changed their habits whether this be an illness, teething, a period of late nights or too much allowance of the child to lead a bed time routine for example.

Most of the time sleep problems occur when a child becomes unable, for whatever reason, to self settle. A baby or child will always want to be settled in the exact same way. For example, their sleep aid may be a bottle, dummy or a parent rocking them to sleep. If patterns have been formed they just need to be broken so that children can effectively put themselves to sleep. This means that bed time will be more straight forward and also if a child wakes up in the night they will be able to put themselves back to sleep without having to wake the whole house up.

Kate does not judge any parent for the way they have taught their children to go to sleep. We live in a world where life is busy and where everyone is trying their best, even if this isn’t making anyone’s life easy – in particular that of a parent or carer. 

Kate can assist by looking at the bigger picture of where the problems lie to develop a plan of how to improve a baby or child’s sleep, by implementing a routine that works long term.

As with any change of routine, there will be some element of frustration from a baby or child so initially there will be a period of upset and tears. Kate will work with parents to not be alarmed by this but instead to persevere so that a child learns how to effectively self settle.

Kate will explain the different ‘cries’ and what they mean.

Babies and children are extremely clever but Kate’s self settling techniques which have been developed throughout a 25 year career of working with families, can be developed to ensure everyone in the house gets a full nights sleep.

The techniques really do work every time. Some children or babies respond immediately where as some take a few more days, but ultimately Kate has not had a family who have not been happy with the outcome of a sleep-training programme. Watch some of Kate’s video testimonials here.

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A word from Kate…

“A happy child is a well rested child, I can help you to get your child to sleep throughout the night and to go to bed when you need them to. The difference it makes to family life is unreal!” 

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