Whatever your circumstances, whether you are adopting, having a baby yourself, or if you care for grandchildren for example, Kate has a wealth of knowledge about what you will need.

There is so much choice available in shops and online that it is very easy to spend a small fortune. However, Kate can advise on equipment which is invaluable and what could be surplus to requirement. 

For example, if you are trying to get your baby to take a bottle you have probably spent a huge amount of money on buying various bottles. Kate can advise on what equipment has helped in the numerous situations over the years which has been particularly successful, saving you money.

Kate can also advise new parents on how to furnish a nursery appropriately with all the must have items, plus give advice on car seats, buggies, travel systems, cots, feeding equipment, breast pumps and all in between!

Advice is just £25/hour. Kate also always offers a FREE initial 15-minute consultation with no obligation. Fill out the online consultation form to take the next step towards working with Kate.

A word from Kate…

“There are so many new gadgets for babies on the market, I can advise on those must have purchases that will make your journey through parenthood that bit easier, whilst advising on the things which may be worth avoiding!”  

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